There are 52 different achievements available as per July 2015. Each will give you some FOB-points when fulfilled, in addition to the sense of completion.

Free achievements Edit

Name Description FOB awarded

Bunker master

Fuel one of your vessels 1
Vessel Purchase Buy a vessel 2
Global Adjustment Perform load balancing on your vessels 2
Welcome to the market Buy a share 2
Deer of the stock market Buy 50 000 shares x
I have questions Read the FAQ 2
How about privacy Read the privacy policy 2
Godspeed Start a route 3
Financial report Release your financial report to the public x
Buy my stock Advertise your company x
Welcome Aboard Manually hire new staff x
Bird rescue Earned for reviving the seagull ((See "Spoilers")) 3
Wolf of the stock market Have 200,000 shares in the same company x
Ready to sail Create a shipping route 3
People Pleaser Have a total staff efficiency of 100% x
Bigger Payday Give your employees a pay raise x
Stock sold Sell a share in your company x
Not good enough Give a successful staff reprimand x
Terms Read the TOS 5
Vessels need fuel Buy 500 000 tonnes of bunker fuel in one purchase 10
Get that seagull A seagull is following your vessel.

What do you do? (See "Spoilers")

Easter Egg What do you say to tax collectors ? (See "Spoilers") 15
Attractive Shares Reach a share value of $10 1
Money Maker Have 50 million dollars in your account 2
More vessels Have more than 5 vessels x
Big Planning Earned when you have more than 15 vessels and need to plan maintenance 2
Fleet is in Have more than 50 vessels 3
People Person Have more than 500 crew members 3
Looking like a fleet Have more than 10 vessels 3
Invest invest invest Reach a share value of $100 3
Profit are us Have 100 million dollars in your account 4
Don't want it Sell a boat 5
Expanding Reach a share value of 1000 x
Pride of the sea Have more than 100 vessels 5
Shipping stuff Ship more than 1 000 000 000 Tonnes 5

More points

Have more than 1000 FOB Points x
Points Have more than 500 FOB Points 5
Huge Vessel Purchase the largest vessel with all available options 5
Making money sailing Have 500 million dollars in your account 6
Business is good Reach a share value of $20 000 x
Buy what you want Have 1 billion dollars in your account 8
Lord of the sea Reach a share value of $50 000 x
Custom made Buy a custom made ship 10
A pirates life Completed pirate negotiations 10
One of the best Reach top ten on the leaderboard x
There can be only one Reach first place on the leaderboard x

Achievements for spending FOBs Edit

Name Description FOB award
Auto Fueling When you have purchased the auto fueling option 4
Rebranding Change your company name x
More investments, more money Increase your investment limit x
Moving day Change your company location x
Lazy Shipper Install auto fuel purchasing on your vessels x
License to build Obtain the custom oil tanker license 4

Spoilers Edit

Spoilers, but if you get stuck...
  • Sea gull: Shoot the sea gull flying on the top left picture of a ship. Then go to the FAQ and read under "Q: Can I bring back the seagull". It might take several attempts with a few days between to make it work.
Hidden textarea
  • Easter egg: Click anywhere you can get a text marker instead of the usual mouse pointer (for instance in the right box with company info in Overview, or on High Score). Then type "goaway" and hit enter.

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